Reignite Your Spark: What is Brainspotting Therapy?

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Brainspotting is a type of mindfulness-based therapy. It is believed that the direction in which one looks or gazes can affect the way they feel. The idea is that different spots or positions where one’s gaze lands, known as ‘brainspots’, can tap into emotions, memories, and traumas stored in the subconscious mind.

During a session, the therapist guides the client to discover these brainspots by moving a pointer across their field of vision while they focus on a specific emotional issue.

When a brainspot is found, it is believed to access a unique emotional ‘echo’ that can promote healing.

Brainspotting is not just about trauma resolution, but it’s also about identifying and strengthening natural resources and resilience. It can aid in creating a deeper self-awareness and understanding, facilitating the potential for growth and change.

Brainspotting therapy is a simultaneous form of diagnosis and treatment, enhanced with bilateral sound, which can be deeply calming. It’s like a lullaby for your mind, a gentle rhythm that sways you into a state of relaxation and receptivity.

This therapy can be a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing.

It can help you unlock stuck emotional energy, free up your body’s natural healing capacities, and help you achieve your full potential for wellness and growth.

Rise and Flow Counseling, Michelle Paget Therapy, brainspotting therapy, perinatal brainspotting therapy in Denver, brainspotting therapy near me

In the end, the goal of brainspotting is to provide a pathway to self-discovery and healing, offering a light in the darkness for those who are struggling. It’s a gentle invitation to journey inward  to help you find your way back to yourself.

About Michelle Paget and Rise & Flow Counseling | Denver, CO

Michelle Page, LCSW PMH-C RYT, is a dedicated counselor at Rise & Flow Counseling in Denver, CO, with a passion for guiding individuals towards personal growth and healing. 

Her approach to therapy is rooted in compassion, understanding, and a deep respect for each person’s unique journey. Michelle specializes in counseling and is a trained practitioner of Brainspotting Therapy, a powerful, focused therapy method that works by identifying, processing, and releasing core neurophysiological sources of emotional and physical pain, as well as past trauma. 

By integrating this innovative technique with traditional counseling methods, Michelle offers a comprehensive therapeutic approach, empowering her clients to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and confidence.

Remember, you’re not alone in this journey, and every emotion you’re experiencing is valid. Together, we’ll create a space where you can feel safe to share your feelings and experiences. My role is to help you trust in your own abilities and build your confidence as a new mother. I believe in you and your strength, and I’m here to support you. I welcome you to a complimentary consultation. Just click below.

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