Bringing your little one into the world is an incredible experience, but let’s be honest, it can also be a lot. If you’re feeling more anxious than joyful, you’re not alone. Many moms experience postpartum anxiety, and it doesn’t mean you’re failing. It just means you need a little extra support.

Rise and Flow Counseling was created to enhance maternal mental health in our Denver community. This time can be both magical and incredibly challenging. My Denver therapy practice is dedicated to supporting moms and parents through the emotional roller coaster of pregnancy and early parenthood, as well as pregnancy loss and grief.

Michelle Paget, LCSW PMH-C RYT, Owner and Founder, Rise & Flow Counseling in Denver, Colorado

Think postpartum anxiety counseling might be right for you? Here are a few signs to look out for:

  • Your mind is on overdrive: You’re constantly worried about the baby, your parenting, or even scary “what if” scenarios.
  • Anxiety is showing up in your body: Maybe your heart races, you can’t sleep, or you’re feeling exhausted all the time.
  • Your mood is unpredictable: You’re snapping at your partner, bursting into tears, or just feeling irritable and down.
  • You’re withdrawing from the world: You’re avoiding friends, skipping activities you used to love, and just want to hide under the covers.

At Rise and Flow Counseling, I’ll create a safe and supportive space to help you:

  • Make sense of your anxiety: We’ll work together to understand what’s fueling your worries and find ways to cope.
  • Process all the feels: We’ll navigate the emotional landscape of postpartum together, without judgment or pressure.
  • Feel confident as a parent: We’ll equip you with tools and strategies to manage anxiety and truly enjoy your new role.
  • Rediscover your joy: We’ll help you reconnect with yourself, your partner, and your little one, so you can experience the joy of motherhood.

About Rise and Flow Counseling | Therapy for Women and Moms in Denver

Rise and Flow Counseling is the creation of Michelle Paget, a Licensed Professional Counselor who’s passionate about supporting moms and parents through the perinatal phases. Michelle brings warmth, expertise, and a down-to-earth approach to her work, creating a space where you can truly feel heard, seen, and understood.

Offering pregnancy, prenatal, postpartum counseling (perinatal maternal mental health therapy), Michelle is a mama herself to two sweet littles and knows how tiring, stressful, and overwhelming new parenthood can be. You don’t have to continue suffering. Please reach out.

Ready to find your flow in motherhood? 

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Don’t let worry and anxiety rule your life. There is hope. Reach out today to schedule an appointment or learn more about my postpartum anxiety counseling services in Denver, Colorado. Telehealth is also available

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