Losing a child, whether through miscarriage or an infant or child loss is a pain unlike any other. Individuals experiencing infertility barriers also experience tremendous grief and pain. It’s truly impossible to capture the full depth of sorrow experienced as a result of these experiences. Whether it’s pain from knowing you may never be able to have a child, or from having your child’s life begin, in utero or postpartum, and then experiencing loss. It is devastating and the pain and trauma endures.

Losing a Child or Dealing with Infertility Can Feel Like This:

Overwhelming Sadness: A deep, profound sadness permeates every aspect of life. It can feel like drowning, with intense waves of grief.

Physical Emptiness: Even though the child may not have been born or lived long, the body remembers the pregnancy and the bond. This can manifest as a womb that feels strangely empty or even phantom kicks and breastfeeding sensations.

Altered Dreams and Plans: The future that was envisioned is suddenly gone. This loss of hope and dreams can be incredibly disorienting and painful.

Guilt and Shame: It’s common, though often irrational, to blame oneself for the loss. “What if I had done something differently?” is a question that haunts many. Shame can also arise, particularly in situations where others don’t understand the depth of grief surrounding a pregnancy loss.

Isolation and Disconnection: While surrounded by loved ones, many grieving parents feel profoundly alone. Others may struggle to understand the depth of their pain, leading to feelings of isolation and a reluctance to share their true emotions.

Triggers and Reminders: Seemingly innocuous things – a pregnant stranger, a baby announcement, or even a certain scent – can trigger intense waves of grief, even years later.

There is no right or wrong way to grieve. Your grief is yours, and it’s valid no matter how it manifests.

At Rise & Flow Counseling, we understand this profound grief and offer a safe, compassionate space in Denver, CO and online via telehealth throughout Colorado, to help you navigate your journey toward healing.

Michelle Paget, LCSW PMH-C RYT, Owner and Founder, Rise & Flow Counseling in Denver, Colorado

Michelle Paget is a licensed therapist deeply committed to supporting mothers and parents through the complexities of grief and loss. Michelle provides specialized counseling services, including:

  • Miscarriage Support: Processing the emotional and physical trauma of miscarriage.
  • Infant & Child Loss Grief Therapy: Navigating the overwhelming grief of losing a child at any age.
  • Infertility Counseling: Coping with the emotional rollercoaster of infertility and exploring options.
  • Parenting After Loss Support: Finding hope and strength while parenting after experiencing loss.

What Makes Rise & Flow Counseling Unique for Coping with Grief and Loss?

  • Specialized Focus: Michelle’s practice centers on maternal mental health and pregnancy loss, offering you targeted support.
  • Warm & Compassionate Approach: Experience a safe, non-judgemental environment where your grief is deeply understood.
  • Evidence-Based Therapy: Benefit from proven therapeutic techniques like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness-based approaches.
  • Convenient Denver Location & Online Options: Access support in person in Denver, CO or virtually throughout Colorado.

Rise and Flow Counseling is the creation of Michelle Paget, a Licensed Professional Counselor who’s passionate about supporting moms and parents through the unimaginable pain of grief and loss. Michelle brings warmth, expertise, and an empathetic approach without judgment or rush to heal.

Offering pregnancy, prenatal, postpartum counseling (perinatal maternal mental health therapy), Michelle is well-versed in this area of grief, both personally and through work with her clients’ over a decade being in practice. You don’t have to continue suffering. Seeking support is a sign of strength. Therapists specializing in grief and loss can provide invaluable tools and resources. Please reach out.

Begin Your Healing Journey Today.

You don’t have to go through this alone. Contact Rise & Flow Counseling to schedule a free consultation and learn how Michelle can support you in navigating your grief and rediscovering your strength.

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Loss and grief are overwhelming feelings. Reach out today to schedule an appointment or learn more about grief counseling and therapy services in Denver, Colorado. Telehealth is also available

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